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This solution is built from the ground up for Media Ad Sales Teams, designed to streamline your sales enablement processes and help you achieve more with less.

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RFP Response Platform

We understand the unique challenges faced by media publisher sales teams.

Our AI-powered sales enablement platform are designed to streamline your RFP process, enhance proposal quality, and empower your team to deliver exceptional results.

Whether you're managing a high volume of RFPs or seeking to leverage past successful campaigns efficiently, RFP Response Platform provides the tools you need to excel.

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Revolutionizing Media Sales with AI

Transform your sales processes into faster, smarter, and more creative workflows. Our AI-driven platform supports your team by enhancing their capabilities without replacing the human touch.

Unlock Value from Existing Ideas, and Pitches

Generate and reimagine creative concepts instantly, leveraging AI tools and insights. Streamline sales processes and enhance idea generation efficiency.

Match and Customize Turn-key Solutions

Adapt and tailor existing solutions and effortlessly to new brands and markets. Improving efficiency and time spent on pitches.

Ideation and Brainstorming Stimulation

AI guides your team through structured brainstorming with actionable insights. Making better use of time, capturing and leveraging the best ideas.


Gain More Time for the RFP Response

Automate routine tasks and free up your team to focus on what they do best – creating outstanding content.

The initial hours and days of receiving an RFP are crucial for gathering the right information from the client. This tool accelerates the review process, allowing your team to concentrate on critical client interactions sooner and reclaim valuable time.


A Suite of Tools Designed for Media Sales Teams.

Featured Module

RFP Checker

This solution automatically reviews incoming RFPs from your clients. It checks for basic compliance with RFP requirements, clarity of language, and overall alignment with typical success factors in RFP responses.

This saves you valuable time in understanding what information is missing from the RFP in order for your team to be successful in your response.

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Customizable AI-Powered Solutions

Tailored AI tools designed to fit the unique needs of media publisher sales teams, enhancing their efficiency and effectiveness.

Advanced Analytics and Insights

Gain valuable data-driven insights to refine strategies and improve RFP response success rates.

Streamlined Collaboration

Enhance team collaboration with shared workspaces, real-time updates, and version control for seamless coordination and communication.

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