Deep Consumer Understanding in Real-time

Quickly Find Insights From Consumer Data

Insight generation is a creative process, with AI your teams can move faster, and find insights that make a difference to your brand.

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The problem

Teams Don't Have the Time to Digest the Amount of Consumer  Data Available to Them

Data overload

An overwhelming amount of data, making it difficult to process and extract meaningful insights.


Traditional methods of insight generation can be time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Difficult to action

Even when insights are available, it can be challenging to interpret them in a way that informs strategic decisions

AI  Solution

Unlock the Value of Your Data, Finding Actionable Insights to Drive Strategic Decisions

Conversational AI Partner

The Insight Generator features a sophisticated AI assistant that aids in the quick development of creative insights by synthesizing data from your social media data.

Its conversational interface simplifies user interactions and facilitates the discovery of critical insights.

Data Cross-Referencing

The AI assistant is designed to cross-reference data from your brand and product information with a wide range of social media research and reports.

This comprehensive data analysis uncovers relevant insights that could have been easily overlooked, making the tool an invaluable asset for strategy teams.

Contextual Insight Storage

The Insight Generator archives new insights as insight statements, equipped with context, data points, and references.

This systematic storage and categorization facilitate easier retrieval and application of insights, providing teams with a robust foundation for their creative and strategic pursuits.


Strategic Insights for Product Innovation, Marketing, and Brand

Product development strategy

Gain a deeper understanding of consumer sentiment around certain product features or concepts.

Quickly sift through social media data to find relevant comments and discussions, giving teams data-driven insights to inform their product development strategy.

Marketing campaign planning

Marketing teams can gauge consumer response to past marketing efforts or to similar campaigns by competitors.

The insights generated can help shape future marketing strategies, ensuring they resonate with the target audience.

Brand perception

Understand how your brand is perceived across different social media platforms.

This could involve analyzing discussions around brand values, corporate responsibility efforts, or reactions to recent company news.

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