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Customized Al solutions to supercharge your team at the start of the creative process.

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Try out RFP Checker, it digests incoming RFPs from your clients in 30 seconds, giving you more time to win.

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Media Ad Sales Enablement

Built from the ground up for Media Sales Teams, streamline your sales enablement process.

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Our Vision

Empowering Human Creativity with AI.

We are A professional services team specializing in creating custom AI solutions that enhance organizations creative capacities.

Our Mission

We believe in a future where technology enhances human potential rather than replaces it.

Unlocking new possibilities for creative industries, enable teams to achieve more with less.

AI is an essential tool for growth.

Providing an unfair advantage that sets businesses apart from the competition.

AI as fundamental as word processing or digital design, enabling businesses to innovate and thrive.

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Customized AI solutions that empower teams.

Unlocking new possibilities for creative industries, enable teams to achieve more with less.

Centric AI

Augment human abilities
Foster a collaborative environment between technology and people

Empowered Creativity

Automate repetitive tasks
Focus on innovative thinking and strategic planning

Insightful Efficiency

Deeper insights, faster
Smarter decision-making and effective resource utilization

Empower Your Business

RehabAI creates custom AI solutions that enhance organizations creative capacities across creative, sales and testing.

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Achieve More with Less

More Efficiency

Automate routine tasks and free up your team to focus on what they do best – creating outstanding work.

More Creativity

Leverage AI to provide data-driven insights that inspire innovative solutions and creative strategies.

More Strategic Impact

Utilize comprehensive data and analytics to make informed decisions that drive your business forward.

More Time

Reduce turnaround times with AI-assisted workflows, enabling your team to respond faster and more effectively.

Our Solutions

Purpose built to support the start of the creative process

Sales Enablement

  • RFP Validation: Align responses with client expectations
  • RFP Response Platform: Streamline the entire RFP process
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Consumer Insights

  • Hyperlocal Trends: Understand specific consumer behaviors
  • Insight Generation: Actionable insights from vast data
  • Virtual Consumer Panels: Real-time feedback and insights
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Creative Testing

  • Creative Testing: Optimize campaigns for maximum impact
  • Resonance Testing: Fine-tune messaging for diverse audiences
  • DEI / Best Practices Checker: Ensure inclusive and effective content
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Client Testimonials

Rehab skillfully navigates brand dynamics and legal complexities in AI-driven marketing, making them an invaluable partner in our industry.

Michael Tai
Senior Director, Product Management,
NBA Digital

I use Rehab to explore future possibilities and efficiently develop and refine AI experiences to solve creative challenges.

Matthew Davis
Director, Google Ads

Lots of agencies say they know about technology. Rehab applies it to our challenges in a way that actually impacts our business.

Sean Ivester
Marketing Dapper Labs
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