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Evolving Role of AI in The Creative Industry

We show how AI helps to empower your team to deliver better creative work, helping them to have more visibility of consumers.

With helpful guidelines for both Advertising professionals, and brands who want to understand how to embrace AI.

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"Suggestions for how to take maximum advantage of what’s currently available, and the best ways to prepare for new AI Marketing technology that’s fast approaching".

Foreword from Michelle Greenwald
Forbes contributor, professor at NYU Stern and Columbia

Key Takeaways

How AI Can Enhance Your Creative Output and Empower Teams

AI is not here to replace humans in the creative industries, but to empower them.

By leveraging AI technology, marketers and agencies can upskill their teams overnight and enhance their emotional intelligence, situational awareness, and efficiency.

AI as a Cognitive Booster

AI technology can act as a cognitive booster for teams, enhancing their emotional intelligence, situational awareness, and efficiency.

It can exponentially upskill individuals overnight, allowing them to perform tasks they were never trained to do.

AI's Impact across Creative fields

We categorize creative outputs into quadrants based on their level of creativity and compassion.

Helping advertising professionals understand how AI will impact their future work opportunities, and provide a roadmap for individuals to follow.

AI can positively impact creative ideation, while still preserving the need for human creativity in areas that require high compassion and emotional connection.

Introducing DaisyChain™️

DaisyChain™️, a next-gen AI middleware platform developed by Rehab Agency.

DaisyChain™️ facilitates dynamic communication between multiple AI models and enhances creative outputs.

It allows for the seamless integration of new models, easy replacement of existing ones, and the use of private LLMs for secure and personalized AI applications.