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This demo automatically reviews your RFP from your clients. It ensures compliance with your requirements, checks the clarity of language, and aligns with your success criteria in RFP responses.

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By quickly identifying missing information, RFP Checker helps your team focus on crafting successful responses without spending hours on initial review.

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RFP Checker dramatically reduces the time spent on reading and digesting lengthy RFP documents.

What used to take 30+ minutes can now be accomplished in 30 seconds.

This allows your team to allocate their time more effectively, focusing on creating winning proposals rather than getting bogged down in initial reviews.

100% Private and

RFP Checker ensures that your data remains private and secure.

Uploaded RFPs and generated reports are processed on a per-user session basis and are not saved, stored, or share-able.

This commitment to data security aligns with our ISO 27001 certification, providing you with peace of mind that your information is protected.

Unlock AI-Powered Efficiency

RFP Checker leverages advanced AI technology specifically designed for the media and ad sales industry.

It not only saves time but also builds in compliance checks and highlights missing information.

This powerful tool gives you a glimpse into the AI capabilities developed by RehabAI, helping you streamline your RFP responses and achieve better results.

RFP Checker Functionality

Streamline Your RFP Process

The Full Version is designed to enhance your RFP process with advanced features that ensure your proposals are comprehensive, compliant, and compelling. Streamline your workflow and increase the quality of your submissions with these powerful tools.


  • Save significant time by automating routine tasks and accelerating the RFP review process.
  • Enhance team collaboration and communication, ensuring seamless coordination on every project.
  • Improve the quality and consistency of your proposals with expert recommendations and best practices.
  • Gain valuable insights and data-driven guidance to refine and optimize your RFP strategies.
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Best Practices and Guidelines

Expert Advice

Access a repository of industry best practices and guidelines to continuously improve your RFP responses.

Stay updated with the latest standards and recommendations to ensure your proposals are top-notch and aligned with industry expectations.

Talent and IP Recommendations

Enhance Your Proposals

Receive tailored suggestions on relevant talent, intellectual property, and storylines to make your proposals stand out.

This feature helps you incorporate innovative and engaging elements into your RFP responses, making them more attractive to clients.

Opportunity Matching

Find The best Fit

Automatically match RFPs with your available turnkey opportunities.

This feature ensures that you maximize every potential fit, streamlining your response process and improving the efficiency of your proposal submissions.

Budget Assistance

Optimize Financial Planning

Receive detailed guidance on budget allocation to ensure your proposals are financially sound and competitive.

RFP Checker Pro helps you effectively plan and present your financials, enhancing the credibility and attractiveness of your proposals.


How it Works

Upload The Client's RFP

Users access the tool via our website, where they can upload their RFP response.

RFP Checker Reviews

Reviewed against: Compliance, clarity, and important information.

Review your Custom Report

The tool provides a report with an overview of the RFP and highlights what important information is missing.

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Join the growing number of companies leveraging RehabAI to enhance their sales processes. Discover the difference today.

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Join the growing number of companies leveraging RehabAI to enhance their sales processes. Discover the difference today.