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A chat-based running shoe finder experience that drove 27% higher conversion than the average Nike product page, solving key challenges around choice fatigue.

The challenge

Nike faced a unique challenge: engaging first-time runners and guiding them through the initial hurdles of starting their fitness journey. New runners often grapple with uncertainty – from how to get motivated, to deciphering the technical jargon of running gear, especially when selecting the right shoes. Recognizing this gap, Nike sought a solution that could provide all the necessary guidance and support these novice runners needed, in a format that was both accessible and engaging.

The solution

Enter Nike Coach – a revolutionary voice and messaging experience designed as a friendly, knowledgeable, and non-judgemental personal trainer. This innovative platform stands out as more than just a training tool; it's a supportive companion on the path to fitness. Through a series of simple questions, Nike Coach tailors a unique running plan for each user, encompassing warm-ups, cool-downs, and valuable running tips. It incorporates the latest Nike innovations and provides advice on how to enhance running performance.

A standout feature of Nike Coach is its integration with Google Assistant routines, making it one of the first branded actions to utilize daily updates. This functionality ensures the personalized running schedule stays top of mind, keeping new runners motivated and on track. The experience extends beyond scheduled run days, offering pre-run preparations, post-run celebrations, recovery messages, and even weather-based gear suggestions.

The Innovation

Nike Coach revolutionized the way runners interact with their training programs. As one of the first branded actions to use surface switch functionality, it allows users to seamlessly continue conversations across different devices. Whether switching from Google Home to, or to the Assistant on their phone, the content is specifically designed to create a unified, fluid experience. This feature addresses a crucial aspect of modern lifestyles where users often shift between multiple devices, ensuring that their training journey with Nike Coach remains uninterrupted and consistent.

The Integration

To further enhance the experience, Nike Coach integrated a crucial product finder feature. This tool demystifies the process of finding the right running shoes, a common challenge for beginners. It remembers past recommendations, allowing users to resume their search effortlessly. By linking with Nike's broader ecosystem, including Nike Run Club's Audio Guided Runs, Nike Coach extends its utility, offering a comprehensive support system for new runners. This integration reinforces the platform's role not just as a training tool, but as a gateway into Nike's wider community and resources, enriching the user's journey towards fitness.

The results

The impact of Nike Coach was immediate and significant:


Conversations In just the first week, there were over


messages being handled effectively


who received shoe recommendations expressed interest in learning more

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